Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Princess Diana's 1986 Visit to Austria

For a few days in April, 1986, Her Royal Highness charmed the Austrian crowds.  Have a look at what she wore.

Date:  April 1986
Place:  Vienna, Austria
Event:  Prince and Princess of Wales Official Tour of Italy

Upon arriving in Vienna (on the Concorde, no less), Diana was photographed wearing this red-striped outfit and matching hat, designers unknown.  (Again, I suspect Frederick Fox as having designed the hat because of the brim-style.  For the suit, I have two suspects:  Catherine Walker and Bruce Oldfield.)

Later, the Prince and Princess visited the Burgtheater for a performance.  For the evening, Diana wore a glittering sequined gown, designer unknown.  In this photo, the dress looks decidedly blue.  However, in video of the event (scroll to the bottom of this post), the dress looks undoubtedly green!  (It's definitely the same dress; you can see Charles' broken finger in the left corner of the photo.)  She wore it again in 1993 and here it looks turquoise.  You decide.

The next day, Diana was seen walking about Vienna with Charles wearing this cute, pink Victor Edelstein suit and Frederick Fox hat.

The couple were trying to drum up support for British Week in Vienna.

For instance, here, she was inspecting British cars as part of the week-long event.

Later on, she was regaled by the Vienna Boys Choir.  For the event, she wore this white and black suit (designer unknown).

Then, she attended a performance of the London Philharmonia Orchestra (at the Vienna Philharmonic's music hall) and wore a navy blue velvet Victor Edelstein gown.

This navy blue velvet gown is the one she famously wore to the White House state dinner in 1985 at which she danced with John Travolta.

Finally, as she left Austria (again on the Concorde), Diana wore a blue dress (designer unknown).  Must have been a comfortable outfit to turn around in her seat as such.

And, as a bonus, here's a photo (no joke) of Diana's passport and Concorde ticket.


Day two:

Day three:

That's all for today.  Check back for more of royal fashions throughout the years!  Thanks for reading.

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